Our story


We are a family-owned travel agency and tour operator that was founded by Hugh and Lorraine McMaster back in 1985. When the business first started it operated from the family home in the Melbourne suburb of Mitcham. After the business began to gradually grow, they moved into an office in East Burwood. In the early 1990s, we moved to Blackburn South and then into a premises Mitcham in 2006. The business completed a full circle in 2022 during the pandemic and returned to being a home-based operation.

Experience and Credentials

Over the years we have developed excellent relationships with various local tourist bodies including the Alaska Travel Industry Association and Canadian Tourist Commission. We are officially recognised by these organisations as Alaska Certified Experts and Canada Specialists respectively.


Most of our clients are reasonably fit and active people who are looking for an alternative to traditional holiday packages. The majority of clients are aged between 40 and 70 years, however, we often book people who are outside of these age brackets. In our case ‘attitude rather than age’ is the most important factor in determining whether a tour is suitable or not. Our tours are ideal for people with a sense of adventure and desire to travel and experience different parts of the world.


We have long standing relationships in place with local suppliers and tour operators in various parts of the world. Many of the people that work in these businesses have become close friends and trusted advisors. They are an integral part of our team and we work closely with them at each step in the process